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he Plug Play pods and vape pen are worth every cent! This vaping brand offers the most convenience for vaping strong cannabis extract. The “Play” vape pen battery cost $20.00. The prefilled THC oil vape cartridges are called “Plug” and cost $55 on average for a full gram

Plug is the premium distillate vape cartridge offered in their DNA and Exotic lines and Play is the battery that makes easy access to euphoria and wellness possible. Most importantly, PLUGplay’s mission is to be the bridge to acceptance.

Buy Stiiizy pods online

Play on and on

The long-lasting rechargeable battery fully charges in under 4 hours.* Say goodbye to disposable batteries and having to swap them out in the middle of a game.

Plug and PlayPlug and Play, sometimes, abbreviated PnP, is a catchy phrase used to describe devices that work with a computer system as soon as they are connected. The user does not have to manually install drivers for the device or even tell the computer that a new device has been added.

Please do not attempt to open your STLTH pods for health and safety purposes.STLTH pods are not designed for re-fills or re-use. Each pod is designed for one-time use, to maintain product quality and a positive user experience.

Stiiizy pods

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