Buy weed online in Italy – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Buy weed online in Italy. Tangie Cookies also called Tangerine Cookies is an extremely powerful and terpene-rich hybrid crossed between Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. The strain tops out at 5.5% terpenes and 34.87% THC. The terpene level is one of the highest we know of. The incredible flavour is like a tangerine cookie, super sour with a creamy mint finish. Tangie Cookies smells deliciously sweet, citrusy and like sour menthol. The buds smell like orange cream soda. just an amazing strain for all day consumption. Perfect for all weather.

Buy marijuana online Italy

This strain hits fast and hard, delivering happiness, euphoria, activeness and creativity within minutes of the first puff. Tangie Cookies is an absolute stress buster that is great for getting things done too.

The plants have a high yield with extremely dense buds from top to bottom, covered in frost. They are absolutely fabulous.

Buy weed online in Italy

Effects:  Creative,Active, Energetic, Euphoric, Happy & Uplifted
Relieves:  Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Epilepsy, PTSD, Mood Swings & Stress
Aromas:  Citrus, Creamy, Earthy, Mint, Orange & Sour
Flavours:  Citrus, Creamy, Menthol, Sour & Sweet

Genetics:  Sativa 70% | Indica 30%
Specifics:  Tangie x Girl Scout Cookies

Buy marijuana online italy

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